Safety of woman in Iran

Iran is a safe country and many women travel to Iran alone without facing any issues.
Although women can expect to be stared at whilst walking along the street, the stares are more often out of interest rather than aggression or anger. Many women report that ignoring the staring is effective; however offering a smile will reap more rewards!
In major cities of Iran, there is a Tourist Police Station in touristic places which provide travelers with information and security. People are also accustomed to see individual women travelers and they are warmly welcomed by locals and families.
However, all tourists travelling either individually or in groups, should consider that there are general precautions to be taken all around the world and Iran is not an exception.

Violence against foreign women is almost unheard of in Iran, even if the odd grope in a savari isn’t (consider yourself warned). We rarely hear about instances of sexual assault, although this has happened – if travelling solo you may be safer to use female guides, steer clear of teahouses and avoid budget hotels where Iranian or migrant workers stay (eg mosaferkhanehs).