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Sometimes making travel arrangement are simple. Sometimes it's clear how to save money for your business travel. Sometimes it's easy to find the best vacation package for your family. But, it's not always clear how to do it! Bunch of questions will go through our mind when we're facing numerous offers and advertisements! Do you really have the best vacation deal? Do you have the best options to choose? Are your business travelers making good buying decisions? Can you save more money? Do you believe that you can get what you expected? Can you trust what you read?... And what happens if I have a problem while traveling? Who's going to be there to help?    

" Enjoy and explore" is our motto. At Sam Sair, we understand your expectations! And that' s where we come in. since we started, our travel agency has been doing just that. Seeing the world is an eye-opening experience, and we make sure your trip fits with your hopes and desires. Whether you are looking for innovative corporate travel management, sophisticated group and meeting solutions or exclusive vacation travel planning to any part of the globe, we provide honest, creative and real world answers that help you manage to your budgets, implement flawless meetings and experience vacations that stay with you for a lifetime. We are headquartered in Tehran, Iran and are a nationally recognized travel compay that has been in business since 2004. We have been a prou member of IATA since 2006.

Please (take a moment to) look through our site and learn more about our activities and advantages. If you' d like to learn even more about our unique travel services or if you' d like to schedule your next trip, please call our team of corporate travel and vacation planning experts at "TEL: 0098212324". We look forward to hearing from you.



Sam Seir History

Incorporated in 2004, Sam Seir is privately- owned travel company headquartered in Tehran, Iran. Sam seir has grown to become one of the first-rated corporate travel agencies in Iran. The founder and CEO, Seyed Sam Hosseini was passionate with adventure and seeing the world, he promoted a unique and professional service to cover all demands and committed, also offering travel services of the highest quality, combining energy and enthusiasm.

"Our greatest joy comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of travel."

Ever since the company was established, Sam Seir Travel Agency has concentrated its efforts on producing quality travel, responding to the needs of the time, while anticipating the demands of the future. We use our diversity in and out of the travel industry to address various global concerns.

Sam Seir has built on the tradition of high quality services and attention to details. It now provides travel arrangements of the highest caliber in most culturaly and naturaly fascinating parts of the world. The company has extended its experties to cover Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, Far East, the Indian Ocean, the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, the Middle East, and provide all required facilities such as airport transportation, reservation, special event tickets, visa application and many more.

We also offer the same quality service and attention to all tourists and enthusiasts which are interested in exploring Iran, one of the greatest countries in the world.

Iran has numerous historical and natural heritage sites all across the country, dating back to the oldest civilization and strongest empire ever, different climates from the North to South and East to West, unrivaled cuisines if you are a foodie, spectacular scenes, unique nature, wildlife species and other tourism attractions.

If you have that spirit to see the unknown, stay with us. "Enjoy and Explore"



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Our Members
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Sam Seir Board of Directors